Our pet food production line solves the shortcomings of small single-screw dog food machine, such as insufficient swelling degree, difficulty in cleaning screw after each production, limited proportion of fresh meat or bone mud, rapid screw wear, and high cost of late accessories, which are favored by large dog farms and individual entrepreneurs.
Puffing corn snack machine belongs to twin screw puffing machine, it sets compression, mingling, mixing, cutting, melting, sterilization, puffing, molding and other functions in one, in a very short time to complete.Due to the simple structure, easy operation, low investment and fast income of the equipment for producing this puffed food, it has developed very quickly and shown great vitality.

We can provide you with a variety of free consulting services, according to your needs to customize the machine.If you are interested in or have questions about our corn snack machines, please leave a comment below and we will give you a timely reply. You can also come to our factory to visit, there will be a staff and you one-on-one communication. Looking forward to cooperating with you! read more