Advantages and application of Fish Feed Extruder

Fish feed machinery specializes in the production of suspended fish feed and submerged fish feed with a diameter of 1-10 mm, which are suitable for ornamental fish, feeding fish, grass carp, etc., as well as shrimp, frog, pig, duck, etc. It is convenient for small and medium-sized fishing grounds to feed directly.

Puffed fish feed

What are the advantages of Leader fish feed extruder?

  1. The fish feed extruder adopts advanced technology, with simple operation, reasonable operation and high production efficiency.

Add a large stainless steel conditioner and steam in the axial direction to greatly shorten the aging time and improve the aging effect.

The motor and gear shaft adopt a new type of serpentine spring coupling, which is convenient for disassembly, reliable transmission and high efficiency.

High quality main drive system bearing and oil seal. Specially set lubricating oil return system to ensure reliable bearing lubrication.

  1. The feed produced by the granulator is puffed and soft, with high protein content and complete nutrition. After starch gelatinization, the palatability of pellet feed is improved, appetite is stimulated, and feed intake is increased by 10% – 15%, which is conducive to the rapid growth of fish.
  2. The feed produced by the granulator can float on the water surface for a long time, avoiding feed waste and saving feeding cost.

Raw materials of fish feed extruder:

Corn granules, flour, meat and bone meal, fish meal, protein, fiber powder raw materials.

Technological process of fish feed machinery and equipment:

Raw material preparation → powder mixing → conveying → tempering → extrusion and expansion – → conveying – → drying – → screening – → oil injection – → seasoning – → cooling → packaging

Fish feed extruder

The raw materials crushed and stirred in the storage tank enter the silo through the conveying pipeline for centralized mixing, the double axis conditioner is connected with steam for pre curing, the twin-screw extruder is extruded at high temperature to make it mature, and various forms of feed products are produced by extrusion of different shapes of molds. The fish feed production line supports automatic circulation of hot air drying to ensure good drying effect, no waste of heat and no pollution of the environment. Spray oil and slurry (powder) respectively. The automatic packing system weighs automatically, transports materials automatically, falls the grain packing automatically, seals automatically. The weight of each bag can be adjusted from 5kg to 50kg.

About the seasoning spray system:

After the dried fish feed particles are sprayed with shrimp powder and other seasonings, the fry can be attracted to catch food faster, the food intake can be increased, and the growth can be promoted; on the other hand, the fish feed surface seasonings may cause damage to the water quality and affect the living environment of the fish. Therefore, the seasoning spray system of the production line can be flexibly configured according to the specific requirements of customers.

Precautions for use and operation:

  1. Check whether the connecting screws of all parts of the machine are tight.
  2. Check whether electrical equipment components and wires are leaking
  3. When the machine is running, the operator is not allowed to leave the work position and dismantle the machine.

Puffed fish feed farm

Is the fish feed extruder expensive?

The price of fish feed granulator is low. Manufacturers according to different user needs, provide different specifications of the engine to meet various user groups. For investors, the cost of investment in feed extruder is low and the income is high, which is worth a try.

The full-automatic floating fish feed equipment production line is improved on the basis of the traditional process, with higher output, automation and efficiency, and is the right choice for small and medium-sized feed factories.

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