Bangladesh customer visit Food Extrusion Machinery case

Now our living standard is getting better and better, snacks have gradually become a kind of daily necessities, a variety of snacks emerge in endlessly, and the demand for food extrusion machinery is also growing. We are a company specializing in the production of food extrusion machinery, the production of equipment in the market in short supply.

Not long ago, the customer from Bangladesh expressed that they wanted to make a field trip. We warmly welcomed them and introduced our food extruder to them in detail. After repeated understanding, they believed that our equipment had many incomparable advantages.

Visitors from Bangladesh

Advantages of food extruder

  1. High production efficiency

The food extruder is operated by mechanization, which can produce food continuously for 24 hours, and the quality of food produced is very high, which enables the manufacturer to produce the best quality food in the shortest time, so that the profit increases significantly.

  1. Save energy

Traditional food production requires a large amount of energy, while food extrusion equipment only needs to consume a small amount of electricity in the process of use, which can greatly save energy consumption and further reduce production costs.

  1. Simple operation

Traditional machines are troublesome to operate and require a lot of manual labor. However, the use of food extruder is very simple. Workers can learn to use it in a short time. Because it is automatic production can reduce labor input, reduce the input cost of manufacturers.

  1. Save material

Food extruder can maximize the use of materials, will not cause the waste of materials, with the least materials to produce the most finished products, save manufacturers’ production costs.

  1. Safety and hygiene

Food extrusion production equipment is made of industrial stainless steel, the food produced is safe and pollution-free, in the production process will not cause any harm to the staff.

Food extruder

Our customers in Bangladesh have approved our food extruder and asked us about the models. We have also introduced several different models for them. Of course, we also provide tailor-made services, which will definitely help customers find the most suitable equipment for them.

Technical parameters of food extrusion machinery

Power 20KW 40KW 60KW
Production capacity 10-40kg/h 50-100kg/h 100-200kg/h
Service voltage 220V/50Hz
Air pressure 8-10kgf/cm²
Dimensions(L×W×H)about 1069mm×840mm×1750mm
Transmission mode and speed 0.5~5m/min(Frequency conversion)
Electrical safety In accordance with the national GB 5226.1-2002 mechanical and electrical safety standards


Customers in Bangladesh are very happy about our service. They say that they feel the warmth of home in our company. After our detailed introduction, they finally choose the most suitable equipment for them. They ordered 10 food extrusion machines from us. They said that they would buy pet food machine, rice snack sandwich machine and other equipment from our company in the future, and reached a good cooperative relationship with us.

As the leading food extrusion machinery manufacturer in the industry, we have incomparable advantages. All the equipment are made of high-quality materials and accessories of international famous brands, which will bring the highest production efficiency and the largest profit to the manufacturers. We have become lifelong friends with every customer, and we are looking forward to the arrival of more friends! A cooperation, make friends for life!