A case of Japanese customers visiting the Sandwiched Rice Cracker Machine

Many people like to eat sandwiched rice cracker very much, and the market demand is growing, which makes manufacturers need to increase production. A high-quality sandwiched rice cracker machine can help manufacturers achieve twice the result with half the effort. Our company is a professional manufacturer of sandwiched rice cracker mechanism. The sandwiched rice cracker machine has many excellent performances. Recently, Japanese customers contacted us. They thought that our company’s sandwiched rice cracker machine has high cost performance after multiple choices. If they want to conduct field investigation, we warmly received them.

Japanese customer visit

What are the advantages of the sandwiched rice cracker machine?

  1. Flexible configuration

Although the sandwiched rice cracker machine is a mechanized production mode, its configuration is very flexible, which can meet the production needs of different manufacturers. No matter how large power and output equipment are needed, it can meet the manufacturers.

  1. Wide range of raw materials

The use of sandwiched rice cracker machine for production, you can produce a variety of different sandwiched rice cracker, manufacturers only need to invest in a device money, you can produce a variety of different food, greatly saving production costs.

  1. Many kinds of products

The manufacturer can decide the type of products freely, the rice cracker machine can produce a variety of different materials, and the manufacturer can choose the food that needs to be produced according to the development direction of the market, which is very convenient to use.

  1. Simple operation

The operation of the rice cracker machine is very simple. No professional technicians are needed. Ordinary workers can also complete the operation. A worker can look after the machine. It can not only help the manufacturer reduce the production cost, but also reduce the workload of the workers.

  1. Automatic production

Different from the traditional way of production, the rice cracker machine can realize automatic production and work continuously for 24 hours, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

The sandwiched rice cracker machine

After some understanding, Japanese customers immediately decided to buy 5 sets of sandwiched rice cracker machine. In order to make their production more efficient, we introduced several different models to them, so that they have a wider range of choices.

Model of the sandwiched rice cracker machine:

Power 10KW 45KW 80KW
Installed capacity 60KW 70KW 100KW
Actual power consumption 40KW 45KW 70KW
Production capacity 80-100kg/h 120-150kg/h 180-220kg/h
Dimensions 13×1.3×2.4m 14×1.3×2.4m 16×1.3×2.4m

Sandwiched rice cracker

Japanese customers finally chose the 45KW sandwiched rice cracker machine. While understanding the rice cracker machine, they also carefully inspected the pet food machine, food puffing snack machine and other equipment, and expressed their intention to cooperate with us in an all-round way. We appreciate the decision of the customer, so we gave a certain degree of preference, and also look forward to the future cooperation between our two sides will be more Cheerful.

As a top-notch manufacturer of sandwiched rice cracker mechanism, we have fully investigated the market, accurately grasped the market demand, and solved all the worries for our customers. While purchasing the equipment, we will also provide high-quality formula, so that customers can have a greater development in the industry.

Over the years, we have never stopped the pace of development. We have received customers from many countries and regions around the world to carry out on-the-spot investigation, and all of them have received very high-quality evaluation. We also believe that we can get win-win situation with more customers in the future!