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As a kind of puffed food, puffed corn snack is a new food developed in recent years. Puffed food is made of cereals, beans, tubers, vegetables and other raw materials, processed by puffed equipment, to produce a variety of food with delicate appearance, rich nutrition, crisp and delicious.

Puffing corn snack machinePuffing corn snack machine

Due to the simple structure, easy operation, low investment and fast income of the equipment for producing this puffed food, it has developed very quickly and shown great vitality.

Puffing corn snack machine belongs to twin screw puffing machine, it sets compression, mingling, mixing, cutting, melting, sterilization, puffing, molding and other functions in one, in a very short time to complete. Mold transformation can change the shape and size of products unlimited, and can produce a wide variety of food, not only can produce expanded corn snacks, but also can produce breakfast cereal food, sandwich expanded food, pet food, fish and shrimp feed, and can develop a myriad of new food.

We believe that our machines can bring users greater revenue and better market prospects.

  What are the features of our corn puffing machine?

1.Novel design, compact structure, high production efficiency, low loss;

2.Reliable, durable, low failure rate, easy to operate;

3.Easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise;

4.Screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, screw and screw slot can be self-purification;

5.It can change, custom related mold, to adapt to the production needs of different manufacturers.

Puffing corn snack machine

Puffing corn snack machine

  Product parameters:

Model LZ65-Ⅲ LZ85-Ⅱ
Installed capacity 100KW 180KW
Power consumption 70KW 140KW
Production capacity 120-150KG/H 300-450KG/H
Dimensions 28000*120*2000MM 3000*1500*2000MM

Please contact us if you want to purchase machines such as corn snack machines, snack making machine, biscuit making machine, etc. As one of the professional manufacturers of puffed food machines, we can offer you some help.

  Choosing the right machine and company is your first step to success!

For many years, our company has been committed to the development, research, production and sales of puffing snack food equipment, macaroni equipment, cornflake production line, pet food equipment, etc. With rich production and sales experience and perfect after-sales service. Our machines have spread all over the country and are being sold all over the world. After visiting our factory, our enthusiastic Korean customer signed a purchase contract with us and we delivered the machine within the agreed delivery period. He was very satisfied with our machines and services.

Machines shipped to Korea
Machines shipped to Korea
Snacks produced by our equipment
Snacks produced by our equipment

We can provide you with a variety of free consulting services, according to your needs to customize the machine. And we can provide you with equipment, process, raw materials, packaging and other aspects of professional consultation. Depending on your budget, production requirements and floor space, we can help you choose the right equipment. At the same time, in order to give you a clear understanding of the production process, we can provide you with the production video. After purchasing our equipment, if you need, our company can send technicians to the site to install and train the technology. After the completion of equipment installation, the company is responsible for training the whole production line operators, so that the operators can be skilled in operation, skilled in maintenance, master the general fault analysis, and can independently troubleshoot the fault. In addition, our equipment is guaranteed for one year and lifetime maintenance.

If you are interested in or have questions about our corn snack machines, please leave a comment below and we will give you a timely reply. You can also come to our factory to visit, there will be a staff and you one-on-one communication. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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