Do you know the characteristics of the Dog Food Extruder?

Puffed dog food is more and more accepted and sought after by people because of its comprehensive and balanced nutrition, easy digestion and absorption, long shelf life, convenient feeding and affordable price. Has become increasingly popular with pet owners.

Dog food extruder is also called pet food extruder, belongs to the puffing dog food machine.

The equipment has reasonable design, high degree of automation and accurate control of extrusion parameters. Double screw extruder is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, drive system and control system. Using advanced screw extrusion technology, the main raw materials are grains, soybean meal, fish meal, bone meal and meat powder, etc, and the materials are cooked and expanded by high temperature and high pressure, do it all at once. By adjusting the ratio of raw materials, processing temperature, moisture, extrusion pressure and other production processes, the products can have different sizes, shapes, tastes and nutrient ratios, so as to adapt to the breeding needs of dogs. The dog food produced by this equipment has the characteristics of uniform appearance, high degree of maturation, rich nutrition, delicate organization, easy to digest and absorb, and so on. It is an ideal choice to invest and build a factory to produce dog food!

Dog food extruder

Twin screw extruder

The extruder is made of stainless steel, with reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, reliable performance, simple operation and high efficiency. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation control to adapt to different kinds of raw materials, output cutting knife frequency regulation control to adjust the length of materials. Screw and screw sleeve are made of special materials, through a special process, wear resistance, high pressure. With the self-cleaning function, there is no need for cleaning machine boring and screw when restarting or changing material varieties. Dog food is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure during processing, which ensures the health and safety of the feed products. The mold can be changed to produce different shapes and sizes of dog food, the shape of heart, bone, round, triangle, small fish, square, etc, easy for pets to eat.

The shapes are diverse, also can produce cats, foxes, birds and all kinds of fish and shrimp feed.

Equipment composition of the dog food extruding machine:

1.Mix the powder machine. Add a certain proportion of water to the raw materials to fully mix evenly, the whole body stainless steel material design, powerful power, save time and effort.

2.Conveyor. The motor is used for power screw conveying, and the mixed raw materials are transferred to the feeding hopper of the extruder, which can reduce the trouble of artificial resistance and make feeding convenient and quick.

3.Twin screw puffing main engine. Adopt advanced frequency conversion technology, more energy saving, more accurate speed control, motor running current, speed can be seen directly through the inverter panel, to ensure the safety of equipment. Easy to clean, both wear and high temperature resistance.

4.Continuous belt oven. Good sealing, adjustable temperature control, reduce moisture in dog food particles, promote ripening rate, increase shelf life.

5.Cooling conveyor. Length can be customized according to output, all stainless steel design, can promote grease solidification, reduce the temperature of dog food, easy to pack.

6.Vibrating screen. Sieve away the excess scattered materials and particles, ensure the quality while ensuring the reuse of raw materials.

7.Packaging machine. Manual sealing machine and self – packaging machine can be used.

Dog food extruder technology is simple, low cost, high utilization rate of raw materials, high degree of automation, is a good choice for many dog food manufacturers.