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Breadcrumbs, also known as breadcrumbs, are widely used as food additives. They are generally used for coating on the surface of fried foods such as meat chops, fish chops, chicken fillets and pumpkin cakes, to reduce the loss of water in raw materials, extend the time of food being fried, and make fried foods crispy outside and tender inside, delicious and delicious, and nutritious.

Our company has developed a whole automatic bread crumb production line from raw materials, expansion, bran beating, drying to finished products according to the needs of the market. The production process from fabric input to chaff beating is a production line with few workers, and the surplus material can be reused without waste, which reduces the production cost and improves the labor efficiency.

Bread crumb production lineBread crumb production line

  What are the characteristics of our bread crumb production line compared with traditional machines?

Our breadcrumb production line is designed based on the advanced twin-screw extrusion technology. Flour is used as the basic raw material. After extrusion, expansion and curing, the starch in the powder raw material is denatured and gelatinized, which has more homogenizing effect and is easier to be digested and absorbed. Compared with the traditional fermented breadcrumbs, the final product has the advantages of high nutrition, diverse taste and easy absorption. Moreover, expanded breadcrumbs can not only be used for frying meat products, but also can be made into bran and needle shaped crumbs and sprinkled on the surface of expanded leisure food to enhance the sense of mouth, which is more widely used.

Our company’s bread crumb production line is mainly based on expansion technology, with reasonable design, strong stability, and the degree of automation has reached the international advanced level. Compared with the traditional fermentation process, the operation is simpler, the product is diversified, the investment is low, the effect is fast, and the precise parameter control ensures that the product is completed in a specific temperature, pressure, humidity and time. The fully enclosed structure can effectively prevent the cross infection between the material and the outside air, and the working environment is clean.

Bread crumb production lineBread crumb production line

Can produce a variety of styles of bread bran, a wide range of uses, products, to meet the investment needs of customers. If you are interested in our crumb production line, please contact us for more details.

  Technological process:

Powder mixing → extrusion → cutting → lifting → chaff screening → conveying → drying → (packaging)

Bread crumb production line host

Bread crumb production line host

  Technical parameters:

Model parameters HT65-ⅡTwin screw production line HT65-ⅢTwin screw production line HT70-ⅡTwin screw production line HT85-ⅡTwin screw production line
Main motor power 15KW 22KW 45KW 90KW
Installed capacity 60KW 70KW 1000KW 170KW
Actual power consumption 40KW 45KW 70KW 100KW
Production capacity 80-100kg/h 120-150kg/h 200-240kg/h 300-450kg/h
Dimensions 12×1.3×2.4 13×1.3×2.4 16×1.3×2.4 18×1.3×2.4

We have a global sales network:

Our company has been committed to the development, development, production and sales of puff leisure food equipment, macaroni equipment, Corn Flake production line, pet food equipment, etc. for many years, with rich production and sales experience and perfect after-sales service. Machinery and equipment are exported to the United States, Poland, Canada and many other European and American countries with high requirements for equipment quality, and more widely distributed in Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Russia and many other countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania. We can provide you with a variety of models of food extrusion machinery, they are excellent quality, easy to operate, energy saving and environmental protection, favored by customers.

Customers from Thailand signed a purchase contract with us after visiting our factory and expressed their great satisfaction with our machines and services.

Bread crumb production line to Thailand

Bread crumb production line to Thailand

Crumbs produced

  To choose us is to choose intimate services:

1. The machine can be customized according to your needs;

2. We can provide you with free professional consultation on equipment, process, raw and auxiliary materials, basic product formula, packaging, etc;

3. According to your budget cost, production demand and floor area, help you choose the right machine and equipment;

4. It can provide you with production video, so that you can clearly understand the production process;

5. After purchasing our equipment, if you need, our company can send technicians to the site to install and train the technology. After the completion of the equipment installation, the company is responsible for training the operators of the whole production line, so that the operators can operate and maintain skillfully, master the general fault analysis, and be able to remove the faults independently;

6. The after-sales department will visit the customers regularly to help you solve the problems encountered in the use of the equipment;

7. Provide customers with high-quality and low-cost spare parts throughout the year, and provide support for equipment upgrading and new product development, so that you really have no worries;

8. The equipment shall be guaranteed for one year and maintained for life.

If you are interested in the chip production line or other extrusion equipment, you can contact us! Hope our machines can make your career!

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